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As a young dancer, I was inspired by the works and teachings of my very own dance teacher and mentor, Jaime Gagner. At Fusion Dance Academy in Dover, NH we were taught more than just dance and dove into the deep end of beautiful and abstract ideas. Jaime led us to find our own character, personality, and ability while pushing us to not only grow as dancers, but as people. This scholarship is awarded to a young dancer who seeks more than just the physicality and athleticism of dance. The Fusion Scholarship is to be awarded to an individual who focuses on growth, passion and the absolute joy that coexists inside of the art form. Growing up within the Dancers Inc. family, I was always given a helping hand when I needed it.  Whether it be scholarships, the exclusive national title program, or mentorship all the way through my professional career, I am excited to finally have the opportunity to give back to young and upcoming dancers who fuze together their love for dance, with their artistry. Offered exclusively at the Dancers Inc. National Finals event, I am pleased to award the Fusion scholarship to a leader within next generation.

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2022 Scholarship Winner



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