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A Virtual Hello:

Where We Paused:

The idea - reimagined


This work will live as a digital archive of a time when the spectacle and our ability to be seen have been severely impacted by events outside of our control. This work will become a digital, and online collection, of archives from cast members in an attempt to keep the spectacle alive. This work will dive deep into questions such as “How can we stay seen at a time of so much darkness?" As well as “How does one stay seen when there is no one looking?” This work will also dive into the memory pool of our homes. Taking this idea of home, and transforming it to a new found place of work, and play, as we change what the once known functions of our homes were to create new experiences. The work will be stored online, which challenges the dancers to find a new way of presenting themselves through a screen. We will challenge ourselves to break through the screen, and find ways to be seen. Using mediums such as Tik-Tok, Google Docs, Google Meet, Etc, we will rediscover, and reimagine, a world of dance virtually. We will find ways to pull dance outward. At a time where social gatherings and dance not only as an art of performance but also a body of social-ness, and community have come to an INperson stand still, we will research how we can INform, INquire, INvest, and INspire the Dance to grow, breath, and move. 





This work is designed to bring the spectacle back to life. How can we find ourselves once again with the control to be seen or unseen in a time where we have no say. The work will live online, and desires to evolve day by day, in an attempt to create new feelings in the home, a once restful place which now is a place of all functions. Through our research, and many sets of different practice ideas we will find a method to bring highlight to the spectacle, and this idea of being seen through new mediums.


Rae Holtzman, Maddie Brown, Kylie Schoenig, Emily Civitella, Indy Paone, Kayla Rognoni, Madi Mcgrath, Maria Jacoby, Azari Ford, Lanae Watson, Jamie Wallace, and Anna Straszewski.



We have collected data and research together each week, creating, and archiving.

I desire a piece that reveals a feeling of community, a feeling of unity, and a piece that challenges the current state of the world. This piece is intended to bring light to the dark times, and to understand how we can bring ourselves forward in a time of pushback.

A Question:

"How can we save the spectacle, and how can we make dance jump through the screen, the same way it jumps off of the stage. How can we cater to the dances, that live ONLY within the spectacle, how do we feed the spectacle the information it needs to survive."

A REsponse OR TWO:

Indy paone


Jamie Wallace


Anna Straszewski



Emily Civitella

saving the spectical
00:00 / 02:32



Madi mccgrATH




I urge the viewer to see where they can go by discovering how the following videos can be manipulated, by muting, unmuting, and selecting which play or do not play. Expose the spectacle through your touch.

(This feature works best on a desktop format.)

A huge thank you to amazing artists that made up the cast, and mentors that helped to put this work together. You are remarkable.

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